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Summer Camp 2015 is over! Here are some tidbits from our week! 

"I loved the freedom of writing and making new friends."

"I like that we got to do artwork that reflected our writing along with all sorts of writing."

"The thrashing of my thoughts combined with the earsplitting noises of the city traffic left me awake at night, deprived of the sleep I needed."

"She peered in the alleyway a bit only to see a rusty, tipped over garbage can."

"I enjoyed how we were always occupied and I loved the freewrites."

"The thick sounds of bugs. Leaves blowing in the air and birds singing their harmonies."

"Ben ran into it breaking down the door and looking around in desperation for a place to hide."

"The rough, dry grass reached up to touch my calves, tan as wheat. Wildflowers scattered the grass with bright maroons, golds and violets."

"Katie was the first through the portal. She gasped at the sight of brightly colored flying cars that buzzed right before her eyes."

"Gloria sparkles like dewdrops on a rose.

Like a rainbow she dazzles people with her brilliant colors.

She pricks like thorn.

She can cry a rainstorm.

Her emotions change with the seasons.

Gloria is tough, like leather and won’t go down without a fight.

She can burn like dry ice.

She can sting like a hornet.

She has no friends, but is never lonely.

Like a spider, she waits for something wonderful to come along,

Something that will lift her from this miserable world of hers."

Words students used to describe summer camp at Studio G.: Revolutionary, unique, creative, fun, exciting, wonderful!

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