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Questions about Studio G. Allentown:

What is the structure of a Studio G. writing class?




I don't see myself as a "writer" but love the idea of writing.
Will I fit into the class?




Each ninety minute weekly class includes:


  • a six-week commitment

  • writing warm-up

  • brief sharing of writing warm-up

  • writing prompt, writing activity for the day

  • time to write

  • brief sharing

  • closure and plan for next class (expect some teeny tiny homework tasks)


*Specific class descriptions will vary. Please see Classes in the menu on this website.



Individual sessions: may focus on creative writing of any sort, personal journaling, writing to beat writer’s block, as well as writing to beat writing anxiety.


Individual Sessions:

Each individual session will include:

  • a similar structure as the classes, but with one-on-one instruction and feedback

  • a six-week commitment

  • 60 minute sessions

  • a specific focus based on what client wants to accomplish



Gretchen’s Goal: to help inspire and bring out the writer within each and every kind of  individual, to coach writing, to provide constructive feedback, to spark ideas, to provide the mental space and time to write. The overall objective for both classes and private sessions is for individuals to gain confidence and experience joy in the process of crafting the written word. This is not about getting something published or scrapbooking or making books. This is not English class. Rules of grammar do not always apply for the kind of work created here. This is writing. And rewriting. The purpose being to complete session six feeling accomplished with finished pieces of work that will last on paper forever.


If I take a class like Mixtape in the Fall Session I and want to take it again in Fall Session II, for example, will it be a repeat of the same class?


No. Even though the names remain the same for classes like SNAPSHOT and MIXTAPE, each session is completely different from any other. There may be similarities in terms of types of writing activities and skills practiced in class; however the content will differ significantly. The experience will push students to grow and expand in their writing no matter what.

I do not see Drama class offerings listed on your website. Where do you teach them?

Studio G. Drama classes are delivered to local establishments and take place on-site at schools, businesses, senior living facilities, etc... Other than these on-site classes, Gretchen does teach Drama at Civic Theatre of Allentown.

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