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Love your Local Business

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Valentine’s Day is also my husband’s birthday. A double whammy of activities and events revolving around decadent food and fun. So, we make a week of it, not just a day. This week and weekend, we plan on indulging in a few of our favorite places of food, beverage, sweets, and entertainment. Each one inspires us in what they produce and offer the Lehigh Valley.


Union and Finch: We love this place! The atmosphere is casual enough to be a no Spanx required evening, the food is impeccable, the drinks phenomenal, and the crowd very cool (because we’re there of course LOL). We’ve always enjoyed the service and the live music in the bar. The restaurant description from their Facebook page is this: Casual American bistro in Allentown's West End serving classic, comfortable food with an elevated twist along with craft beers, wine and cocktails. Located in the former JP O'Malley's location. Check out their heart focused deal this weekend: and


Shangy’s: We love this place too! Located in Emmaus, Shangy’s is indeed the beer authority with the biggest selection of beer in the Lehigh Valley. If you have someone on your Valentine’s Day shopping list who happens to enjoy trying new and unique beverages, take a trip to Shangy’s.

It is a beer lover’s paradise. My favorite is Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic, while my husband’s a cider guy. Any type of beer you can imagine; it's here! And if you’re a little overwhelmed, the staff will quickly give you their expert advice because they truly are authorities on the subject. and


Josh Early: I am so adept in the knowledge of a Josh Early piece of candy that if you blindfolded me and handed me various pieces, I’d be able to tell you precisely what they were. The smell of the place alone is like the most wonderful and natural infusion of happiness. And they have free samples up on the counters! I can’t say enough about Josh Early. We’ve been friends for a really very long time and I specifically recall exact moments of my life and holidays connected directly to the memory of the taste of Josh Early candies in my mouth. My daughter even named her pet fish Josh Early. I'm totally serious. They have giant hearts filled with chocolates. What else could you want? and


Civic Theatre of Allentown: Civic is my second home. It’s where I perform, volunteer, and teach. So, I am totally biased in every way. Right now the main theatre is under construction, but the shows must go on and they’re happening at Cedar Crest College. This one, right now: Rock of Ages, a musical homage to the 80’s. What fun! A rockin’ great night out with friends, family, or your significant others. Also, Civic is home to arthouse cinema and our T514 location is still open during renovations. To find out what film is playing and for show tickets:

So, that’s our little list of hot spots this weekend. Go out and love your local businesses and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gretchen Klinedinst Furst 2018

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