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Love Your Tribe with Words

Pictured here in my inspiration station is a small collection of the love notes from my husband. Over the years, they arrived with boxes of chocolates of flowers and I believe in keeping them where I can see them because words possess a power that I love, and when on paper, they’re forever. All over my house there are words: notes taped to walls, quotes everywhere. Because words and I are great friends. That’s true of any English teacher, but for many people words are tedious little buggers, not buddies. And it’s that time of year to express your heart to friends, fam, loves of your life. So, I thought I’d share a few fun ways to do so, even if you and words aren’t exactly in love with each other.

1. Make a “Things I Love About You” list. A list is easy and requires no punctuation or even sentence structure at all!

2. Or a gratitude list from the heart. I love a gratitude list as you know if you read This one should focus on the specific individual for which your heart is grateful: “My Heart is Thankful to You Because…” or “Thank You For…”

3. Go old school! Make your own Valentines and plaster them everywhere. Last year, I bought dollar store paper heart doilies and wrote one thing I loved about my kids on each heart and then taped them up on their bedroom doors, covering the doors completely. They loved it and I loved it because writing out each heart reminded me of not just how many different reasons I love my girls, but also how many uniquely I love them. It pointed out all the beautiful and special traits they possess, something that sometimes gets lost in the daily shuffle.

4. Once upon a time…Write a story that’s meaningful and memorable to both you and your special someone. Capture a moment and put it on paper. For couples: your first date, your wedding day, a funny memory, a remember when…. For parents: the first time you saw your child, a memory of a specific milestone, a memory of an amazing day…For friends: a shared goofy memory, a montage of memories or meaningful songs, events, moments…you get the idea.

5. Pieces of the heart. Make little notes on small pieces of paper and on each one write something you love or some sort of memory or song or place that has meaning to you and your valentine. Then fold up the little individual papers and put them in a lovely tiny jar or box for your valentine to open one by one.

Words are beautiful when expressed in love and written on the heart. Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love.

Speaking of words, please comment below, either in the box below where you log-in with your Google or Facebook account, or in the floating mysterious comments box waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the page (because my website is a pain in the patoosh).

I would love to hear your thoughts on the power of words.

Gretchen Klinedinst Furst 2018

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