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Write Now: 5 Tricks to Change your Life with Writing

This isn’t English class. Forget about style or structure or punctuation. That will hold you back. Transform your life with writing. Here’s how:

1. Gratitude Lists: writing a simple list of a few things for which we are grateful is not only a way to remind ourselves of the true magic of our lives, but it also instantly alters our perspective in such a profound way that it can instantly lift our spirits and change our minds.

2. Quotes/Notes: catching quotes and making notes of things people say, be them famous or family members, is a quick and easy way to capture a moment without narrating an entire story. The jotted down quote or note serves as a tiny flashback springboard every time we read it and instantly takes us back to the moment.

3. Journals: taking stock of the day, preserving a memory, reflecting on life---all of these serve the spirit and the mind, be it short and sweet or lengthy ramblings.

4. Thank You Notes: there need not be a gift involved in order to justify a quick thank you to a special someone for whatever it is he/she adds to our lives. It can be as simple as one sentence, but that sentiment will go far and impact the reader of it for longer than we think.

5. Legacy Makers: for those who love us, stories we keep contain great meaning and when we write them down, they will teach and entertain for so long as someone choose to read them and pass them on. And they need not be grammatically correct or as beautiful as Shakespeare; they are lovely imperfect and error filled, just like all of us.

Now get out your pen!

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Gretchen Klinedinst Furst is a teacher, writer, actress, and mom. She’s the co-author of Made from Scratch: Tales of Women Who Take the Cake and the owner of Studio G. Allentown, LLC. Check out the website at , follow her: Instagram @studiogallentown, Facebook at . Copyright 2018.

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